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The program Music Visualization is designed for control lights and other techniques by DMX512. Visualization is based on data acquired from music in real time with no need of human factor intervention. The project is focused on reaching such visualization that corresponds with music produced. Compatible with DMX PIPE, LPT switch or Enttec Open DMX USB. From SOH production. + Exclusive patented technology LTCA + Application is able to control lighting technology in real time directly by music. + Human intervention is not necessary. + Nonstop synchronization of lights technology with music production. + Harmonize the light show even with new unknown music production. + Program can quickly react even to unpredicted changes in music. + Allows for better utilization of lighting technology. + Is able to control lights technology already built in. + It is able to control each one of tens of pieces of lighting technology individually, which no human lighting designer can do. + Can run nonstop and never wears down. + Ordinary PCs, notebooks or mini PC systems can be used, which makes it portable as well. + For control of the lighting technology by music any input of soundcard can be used (for example microphone, line in) or the analysis of the music can be done on the background along with playback from any media player (like Windows Media Player or WinAmp).

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